Marsh Landing consists of a Master Association and 10 Sub-Associations. Each Sub-Association has its own governing documents. The various neighborhoods are separate from the Master Association and, as such, appoint their own board to oversee neighborhood issues. The Sub-Associations charge dues for maintenance of their common properties and administrative costs within their neighborhoods.
All neighborhoods are a part of the Master Association and pay Master Association dues. Master dues are the same for every homeowner and are set by the Master Board and Finance Committee each November. These dues help to fund Master Association roadway replacements, Master Association landscaping along the Parkway, access control and gatehouse operations, the community parks, reserve items such as Master-owned sidewalks, signage, bridges and lighting, community infrastructure, and waterway and pump house operations. 
Master Association quarterly dues and Sub-Association quarterly dues are payable separately. To determine the Sub-Association of a particular property, see our "Which is my HOA?" page. Call Marsh Landing Management at 273-3033 for more information.

Master Association and Sub-Associations: What's the Difference? 

Quarterly Dues 

Master Association - $1,005 
HOA I - $190
HOA VI - $460
lots in Found Forest - $930
HOA II - $283.50
Duval Residents - $310
SJC Residents - $343
HOA III - $231
Swift Creek - $374
HOA VIII - $677.13
Duval residents $640
HOA IV Unit 24 - $257
Unit 28 - $257
Clearlake - $350
HOA V (Marsh Pointe) 
Harbour Island - $1,216

Capital Contribution Program
  • The Capital Contribution fee is charged when a new home buyer purchases a home in Marsh Landing.
  • The fee is 1 times the current Master annual assessment (dues), payable at the time of home sale closing. Current Marsh Landing homeowners that move out of one residence in Marsh Landing to another residence in Marsh Landing within 120 days are exempt from this fee. 
  • The Capital Contribution fee will be shared with the respective sub-HOA: 80% to the Master; 20% to the sub-HOA for their reserve funds.
The Master Association dues support the general reserve to repair or replace common area assets that have reached their useful life and operating costs required for administrative fees, access control, grounds and landscape, parks and recreation events and park amenities, infrastructure, stormwater operations, and lake treatments.
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