Architectural Review (ARB)
The purpose of the Architectural Review Board (ARB) is to protect the aesthetic quality of the environment at the design level by controlling specifications, architecture, design, appearance, location, landscaping, and alterations or modifications of all buildings and structures located within the Association. Application is required of all exterior modifications, including like-for-like replacements and tree removals. 
ARB activities are coordinated by Marsh Landing Management. Email your architectural coordinator: or The ARB meeting notices are posted on the bulletin boards at our gates. All interested homeowners are invited to attend.

ARB Green Book 2022 Edition
Revision 3, September 22, 2022
ARB meets on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month, 2:30 p.m. unless otherwise noted in Agenda below. 

2024 Meeting Dates, Agendas and Submittal Deadlines

Meeting Date Submittal Deadline
January 5
January 26
February 20  February 9
March 5 February 23
March 19 March 8
April 2 March 22
April 16 April 5
May 7 April 26
May 21 May 10 
June 4 No Meeting
May 24
June 18
June 7
July 16
July 5 
August 6
July 26
August 20 
August 9
September 3
August 23
September 17
September 6
October 1 
September 20
October 15
October 4
November 5
October 25
December 3
November 22

2023 Meeting Dates, Agendas and Submittal Deadlines

Meeting Date
Submittal Deadline
January 6
January 27
February 10 
February 24
March 10 
March 24
April 18
April 6
April 21 
May 5
May 26
June 9
July 18
July 7
July 21
August 4 
August 25
September 8
September 22
October 6
November 3
December 1 

2022 Meeting Dates, Agendas and Submittal Deadlines

Meeting Date
Submittal Deadline Meeting Date Submittal Deadline
January 11
July 5
January 25
July 19, 2022 - no meeting
February 8
July 26
February 22
August 9
March 8
August 30
March 29
September 13
April 12 
October 4 - no meeting
April 26 
October 11 
May 10
November 8
May 31
December 6
June 14

Drilling Wells in Marsh Landing

The Architectural Review Board would like to remind residents that the installation of all irrigation wells must be reviewed and approved by the ARB prior to the work being started.  The submission for review should include a site plan showing the location of the proposed well.  The Florida Aquifer Well is the only type well allowed in Marsh Landing.  Below are the guidelines for wells as they appear in the Architectural Review Standards and Guidelines book. You may also contact the ARB Coordinator, Erin Hires, at 904-373-5605 for additional information. 

Registered Notice Association

In February 2011 the Architectural Review Board's (ARB) standing in St Johns County was modified to become what is known as a Registered Notice Association. In June of 2010 St Johns County issued new regulations. These require that each Homeowners Association declare to the County whether is is a Registered Approval Association or a Registered Notice Association.
After careful consideration, discussion with legal counsel and the Master Board, the ARB is now officially a Registered Notice Association.
The new regulation also allows property owners to apply to the County for a permit to build or modify their residences absent a stamped set of plans approved by the ARB. Should that occur, the County requires:
1. A signed affidavit swearing that the ARB did in fact receive the same application at least 30 days prior.
2. A copy of the receipt showing that it was delivered to the Association.
3. Documentation from the homeowners that they are aware that they are in an association governed by the ARB and that they accept the risks of civil liability should they violate the Covenants and Restrictions.
4. An extra copy of the plans with a stamped envelope that the County will use to send the plans to the ARB.